Discover Metal Roofing and Protect Your Home for Decades

The popularity of residential metal roofing continues to grow in our area, and at Done Right Roofing & Sheet Metal, we are passionate about sharing its benefits.

We know that traditional asphalt shingles dominate the roofing industry and that many people are unaware that metal roofing exceeds asphalt in both durability and lifespan. This premium product offers many advantages over asphalt, and here are a few of the key highlights:

  • Maximum durability—Metal roofing resists damage, including wind, water, and fire. Unlike asphalt, which erodes over time, metal roofing retains its integrity for decades.metal roofing for homes in Canada
  • Longer lifespan—Metal roofing lasts more than twice as long as an asphalt roof, ensuring that your new roof is a one-time investment for your family.
  • Increased home equity—As a premium product, metal roofing adds value to your home, and also boosts its appeal for potential buyers in the future. Since roofing represents one of the most costly home repairs, buyers will see a roof that will likely never need attention during their lifetimes.
  • Potential insurance savings—Many insurance companies offer premium discounts when you add a metal roof to your home, which means annual savings for your family.
  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient—As a recyclable material, metal roofing reduces waste while adding increased energy efficiency to your home.

While metal roofing offers all of these benefits, it is a more expensive material than asphalt. Additionally, metal roofing installation requires precision and skill, which take more time than asphalt installation. However, the long-term savings and security more than makeup for higher front-end costs. Our professional team invites you to contact us to learn more about metal roofing, and discover how, as your go-to metal roofing company, we can transform and protect your home for decades to come. If you want to know more about metal roofing or need roof repairs in Mississauga or surrounding areas, Done Right Roofing is the right place. We specialize in roofing repairs and replacements of all kinds, including flat roofing repair. Contact us today with any questions you might have or to schedule an inspection or repair.

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