Durability, Safety, and Environmentally Friendly–Discover The Value Metal Roofing Can Bring to Your Home

Is a Metal Roof Better Than a Traditional Shingled RoofMetal roofing is rapidly becoming a go-to choice for discerning homeowners, and with its many benefits, it also allows people to build equity in their homes while providing superior protection. As you explore options for a new roof, the team at Done Right Roofing wants to help you discover just why this option may be the best home improvement investment you can make.

Is a Metal Roof Better Than a Traditional Shingled Roof?

As with any construction element, the type of roof to best suit your needs depends on the area in which you live, your budget, and your long-term goals for your home. Residential mental roofing offers many benefits:

  • Life span—Metal roofing can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years, which is more than double the life span of traditional shingled roofing. When you compare the cost versus the expected durability, metal roofing is better than shingles.
  • Energy savings—Metal roofing reflects sunlight, it can lower the internal energy costs of your home by a significant percentage.
  • Safety—Because of its inherent qualities, metal roofing is naturally flame resistant and can protect your home from fires. For those living in an area of wildfire concern, this is an especially appealing property. Some insurance companies will even give you a discount for having a metal roof.
  • Environmentally friendly—Metal roofing is 100% recyclable, reducing your home’s waste impact and giving you the peace of mind that you are doing your part.

What Are the Drawbacks to a Metal Roof?

As a recognized, top-quality metal roofing company, Done Right Roofing knows that a metal roof is not for every homeowner. For example, proximity to the ocean may shorten the life of a metal roof due to the higher salt content in the atmosphere. Additionally, metal roofing is usually more expensive than asphalt, making it cost prohibitive for some homeowners who just need a new roof fast and cheap. For those who anticipate adding on to their homes in the future, specialty metal roofing can be difficult to color match due to aging, sometimes requiring the whole roof to be repainted for a perfect match. Finally, metal roofing installation is much more meticulous then asphalt, so you need to be sure that your contractor really is a qualified, experienced professional.

For more information on the value metal roofing can bring to your home, or to schedule a consultation with our metal roofing experts, contact Done Right Roofing for assistance. Let us walk you through your options so that you can make the right investment for your home and your future.