Metal Versus Shingles – Which Roof Is The Best Investment For Your Home Improvement Goals?

As another long, Milton winter comes to an end, now is the perfect time to tackle those overdue home improvement projects. If your roof is aging or has suffered damage during these extreme weather months, you should consider repair or replacement as a top priority. The care you put into your roof ensures that your home remains well-protected, and a smaller investment now prevents even more costly home repairs later. If your roof has reached the end of its optimal functionality, you may want to consider an upgrade sheet metal roofing.

Is Metal Roofing Better Than Asphalt?

Is Metal Roofing Better Than AsphaltMetal roofing has a much longer lifespan than traditional asphalt shingles, yet asphalt remains as the most popular selection among homeowners. Why is this? Asphalt is a familiar product for builders and contractors, and its popularity comes from both the lower cost and easy installation. In contrast, metal is definitely a more expensive product, and metal roofing installation requires a more advanced level of expertise. Many roofers are not qualified to properly install metal roofing, requiring homeowners to seek our metal roofing companies. Consequently, when homeowners are researching roofing options, they are often swayed toward the cheaper option under the impression that it will provide an acceptable end result.

If metal roofing is more expensive, why should you consider investing in this option?

Clearly, the longer lifespan and increased durability offer key benefits, and the improved aesthetics of a metal roof greatly boost your home’s curb appeal. Metal roofing can stand up to the extreme weather we see in the Milton area, and it is recognized for being energy efficient and environmentally friendly  However, a more immediately tangible result of a new metal roof is that it will help increase your home’s value. If you anticipate selling your home within the next few years, a metal roof will help attract buyers and set your property apart from the competition.

Are you ready to learn more about how you can protect your home and boost its value with a strong, stylish metal roof? Done Right Roofing offers comprehensive metal roofing services, including repair, installation, and inspections. Contact us for an appointment, and let us take your spring home improvement efforts to the next level.