Tips For Successful Residential Roofing Projects—What You Need to Know Before Roof Repair or Replacement

Whether you are planning to build a new house, or simply want to know your residential roofing options for repair or replacement, the team at Done Right Roofing & Sheet Metal is here to help you plan your project for maximum success.

What Should I Know When Planning a Roofing Project?

We know that any roofing project is a stressful undertaking, even if it is a simple repair. Here are some tips to ensure that your residential roofing project is completed correctly and within your budget.

  • The time of year and weather are important—If you want to replace your roof during the height of snow season, then you need to understand that this will be a longer and more expensive project than if done at another time of year. Weather delays cause deadline extensions, while snow clearing or other weather-related clean-up work add to the overall work hours on a project. We know that clients get frustrated when projects extend past what they envisioned for their timelines and budgets. We advise all of our clients on how to plan for the best outcomes, but also caution them about the reality of unpreventable natural occurrences.
  • Educate yourself on codes, costs, and materials—While a good roofing contractor will advise you on your options, clients sometimes still get sticker-shock and allow panic to push them into investing in the cheapest options. If you have an idea of potential costs and materials ahead of time, you can make an informed decision that balances your needs with your budget. Likewise, you will also know what codes govern your project and can protect your home.
  • Get agreements in writing—While our team always provides workmanship guarantees in writing, some contractors do not. Always document any agreements, including changes along the way, so you and your home are protected.
  • Ask about all aspects of the project—Installing or replacing a roof includes many components, like trash disposal, nail pick-ups, bathroom facilities for workers, and more. You want to know that your contractor has a comprehensive plan to leave your property in the same condition, while protecting your privacy.

From residential flat roofing to custom metal roofing, our team works with clients throughout our area to create successful roofing project plans. Our expert service and unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction make us a trusted provider of residential roofing services. Contact us to learn more about our trusted residential roofing services.