Roofing Milton

Roofing Milton

Done-Right Roofing Milton can Help You Decide When it’s Time for a New Roof

Just like people, asphalt shingles gradually change with the passage of time. Signs of this aging process may appear as early as the first couple of years, during what is often called the curing phase. At first, you may notice small surface cracks or a few small blisters.

These changes will not affect the ability of the asphalt shingles to protect your roof and are an anticipated part of the aging process. During the stable phase, these signs of aging will slow down dramatically. The duration of the stable phase may last 20-30 years, but is dependent on many factors, including the construction of the asphalt shingles, the condition of your roof and roofing ventilation, and the slope of your roof, as well as workmanship.  Done-Right Roofing Milton is here to help.

Near the end of the expected life of asphalt shingles, the aging process begins to speed up. This is what is called the final phase, during which most homeowners start to think about replacing their asphalt shingles.

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There are a number of reasons you may want to consider purchasing a new roof from Done-Right roofing Milton.  Please have a look at some of the reasons below.

A new roof can help with the heating and cooling in your home.  Old roofs usually have a lot of air leaks which causes inefficiencies in your HVAC systems.  Furthermore, missing shingles can cause holes in your roof and rotting can take place.  Sometimes the cost of doing nothing is more expensive than a new roof.

Also, if you start to see plants, weeds and other things growing on your roof this may be a good sign that a new roof is in order.  Please don’t make the mistake of shingling over an old roof.  This can make leaks and rot worse.  The thicker roof can cause problems with the hold between the nails and the sheathing.